Missing Moments was born from our own experience of feeling we had missed out on our guests' moments at our wedding.



We did have a videographer and a photographer but our favourite shots of our day were actually captured by our guests and we spent a lot of time trying to collect them all.  


In fact this image of us, is our favourite shots of the entire day. Of which was taken by our guests, to whom we are very grateful. You can see in this image everyone on their camera, images of which we haven't seen and don't have to keep.


On top of this, one of our favourite take-aways was our guestbook, we did a DIY guestbook where we had a polaroid camera which our guests took images with, glued them into our guestbook and signed. However, as the night grew longer we noticed the images got better, but not so much the note scribbled next to them ! We thought how amazing it would be if we had captured those moments on video in order to watch our guests leave their messages, some silly after a few too many bubbles. 


We also spent our day running around, trying to see everyone and not taking in the special words our guests wanted to say to us. Therefore the idea of a Video Guestbook was born.


Our aim is to now capture every moment, and let you personalise it how you wish. Whether you want to collect all your memories into a lovely personalised guestbook, have your guests' best bits edited into a short highlight video or give your guests professional cameras to capture your big day through their eyes.

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